The Neighbourhood

‘s-Hertogenbosch is a popular gastronomic town situated very central, in the middle of The Netherlands, between Amsterdam and Eindhoven. Within an hour you can reach Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. Eindhoven, Breda and Utrecht are very close by and reachable within 30 minutes. You’ll find The Duke Apartments in the City centre of this wonderful city. Our serviced apartments are surrounded by lots of lovely coffee shops, restaurants and fashion stores. Still The Duke's apartments feel very private and peaceful because the distances between the apartments and the main shopping- and restaurant streets are big enough. 

These are the places you absolutely have to visit during your stay:

  • De Korte Putstraat.
    A famous restaurantstreet near the St John Cathedral. LUX, Allerlei, Breton, Côte and Zoetelief are all lovely restaurants to dine. Like to have some drinks after dinner? Join the crowd at 't Pantoffeltje. 

  • De Uilenburg.
    Within a one minute walk you reach this neigbourhood full of restaurants and bars. The Duke himself would visit Nom Nom, Bar35 and Eetbar Dit for lunch or dinner. After dinner you can dance the night away at Café Reinders.  

  • Shopping at the boutique stores.
    If you walk via Postelstraat to Snellestraat you'll find lots of lovely small boutique stores that are absolutely worthy to visit. If you reach the end of Snellestraat you can cross the street and walk to Verwerstraat. Here you're going to find the most original and creative luxury boutique stores in the region. 

  • Morning walks in The Bossche Broek.
    A well preserved nature reserve attached to the City centre. Rent a bike or spot some birds by foot. 

  • Culture moments.
    Culture lovers find the St. John Cathedral and the Noord Brabants Museum very entertaining and inspiring. Please visit and to plan your visit. 
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